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  • STC | Osijek  | Specialized retail park
  • STC | Osijek  | Specialized retail park
  • STC | Osijek  | Specialized retail park
  • STC | Osijek  | Specialized retail park
  • STC | Osijek  | Specialized retail park
  • STC | Osijek  | Specialized retail park

STC | Osijek  | Specialized retail park  STC | Osijek  | Specialized retail park STC | Osijek  | Specialized retail park  STC | Osijek  | Specialized retail park  STC | Osijek  | Specialized retail park  STC | Osijek  | Specialized retail park  STC | Osijek  | Specialized retail park  STC | Osijek  | Specialized retail park  STC | Osijek  | Specialized retail park  STC | Osijek  | Specialized retail park  STC | Osijek  | Specialized retail park 

A huge variety of articles

Müller is a shop containing the largest drug store, a lot of healing articles from Switzerland, al well as perfumery, stationary, department of toys and multimedia. Our article range contains 100, 000 products. Come and try them!

High quality, low prices

Since the beginning we offer high quality with low prices to our consumers. That means: plenty of good offers, where you do not need to buy a cheap alternative due to the price; you can choose any brand you wish for a reasonable price. Come and see yourself!

Educated staff

Kindness and good service has always been a part of the Müller experience. Come to one of our stores and let yourself be advised by our great and educated staff! It doesn't matter if it is about beauty, health stationary or toys.

Luxurious environment for shopping

It is indescribable; you have to experience it for yourself. Let yourself be surprised by the organized shelves, educated staff and special atmosphere. Check it out!
Phone: 00 385 (0)31 514 031
Working hours: Mon-Sat 9AM-9PM, Sun 9AM-3PM

JYSK is an international retail chain that sells 'everything for the home', and which is owned by the original founder, Lars Larsen, who is known throughout Denmark as the country's leading merchant who always has 'a great offer'.

In 1979, when he opened his first store in Denmark's second largest city of Aarhus - where, incidentally, it is still located - Larsen had great ambitions, though he never imagined how quickly his business would grow. Larsen went on to open several successful JYSK Sengetøjslager (the original store name until 2001) locations throughout Denmark, and in 1984 he opened his first store beyond the country's borders, in neighbouring Germany.

Today the JYSK Group consists of more than 2,000 stores in the following 34 countries worldwide: Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Poland, the Czech Republic, Hungary, the Netherlands, Slovakia, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Iceland, Canada, Greenland, the Faroe Islands, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Ukraine, Kosovo, Bulgaria, Kazakhstan, Romania, France, Great Britain, Slovenia, Macedonia, Croatia, Italy, Spain, Bosnia-Herzegovina, China and Serbia.

The group's annual turnover is approx. 2,6 bn euros. Growth is stable and controlled, and the total staff consists of nearly 17,500 employees.

The word 'JYSK' has always been intentionally included in the company name. In Danish 'JYSK' designates anything or - like Lars Larsen - anybody from the Jutland Peninsula, and it is often associated with modesty, thoroughness and honesty - three values that Larsen himself has always identified with. JYSK stands for trustworthiness, and a deal is always a deal.
Phone: 00 385 (0)31 399 333
Working hours: Mon-Sat 9AM-8PM, Sun 9AM-1PM

KIK is on the European market, by far, the leading store on the field of textile sales, with over 3,500 shops.

Our motto is: the best quality for the best price.
The offer will contain clothes for adults and children, toys and various household items.
Buy clothes in a smart way!

More then favourable fashion Always the current fashion for women, shirts, t-shirts and trousers for men, kids fashion for boys and girls of all ages: KIK Textile and non-food d.o.o offers fashion available to anyone. In KIK you can also find a lot of accessories and other household items. Discover our fashion online and more than that in one of the many KIK shops. Colourful dresses, comfortable trousers, proper underwear and swimsuit fashion will bring life to your closet. Decorate your house and balcony with decorative and garden items. KIK is spreading its offer in over 7 countries.
Phone: 00 385 (0)31 531 282
Working hours: Mon-Sat 9AM-8PM, Sun 9AM-1PM

Tepih Centar d.o.o was established in 1994.
The business started in our first shop in Zagreb, on the address Resselova bb. But today the heart of the company is on the address Avenija Dubrovnik 15.

In 1998 a branch in Split came into existence and in 2002 one in Varaždin. The next year a branch was open in Rijeka and a year after that in Osijek and Zadar. In the next 4 years two more branches were open in Zagreb, one right next to Zagreb Velesajam and the other on Žitnjak.

The main activity of the Tepih Centar is the retail and whole sale of carpets, PVC coating, laminate and other floor coating and accessories used to furnish all kinds of places with all kinds of floor coating.
Phone: 00 385 (0)31 575 596
Working hours: Mon-Sat 8AM-8PM, Sun closed

That is Takko Fashion

Whether it's fashionably-refined, basic chic or sporty and casual: anyone who wants to treat themselves to a new outfit once in a while doesn't need to have deep pockets, as Takko Fashion offers affordable fashion for the whole family. With over 1,800 outlets at home and abroad, we are one of Germany's largest clothing retailers.

From attractive individual items to perfectly co-ordinated outfits – we've always got something new for you to discover. The continuous supply of product to our stores and regular changes to our fashion themes ensure that we are able to offer this. From the romantic vest top to the casual outdoor jacket, from children's jeans to the maxi tweed skirt for XXL ladies – Takko Fashion's in-house designers create fashion for adults and children, for leisure and other occasions that follows the trends. Complete fashion themes are designed from a single source and then offered as a complete outfit in the store. A majority of the models are imported directly, enabling us to produce cost effectively and operate locally and quickly. Comprehensive quality tests also ensure the high standards that we have set for our products. The result is quality at an excellent price.
Alongside the attractive offer, the high quality and economic prices, last but not least, the modern store layout contributes to Takko Fashion's success. With the presentation of complete outfits, clear access and routing, together with modern billboard advertising, the new store design meets the latest standards.
Over 16,500 staff in sales and head office in the Westphalian town of Telgte take care of customer requirements.
Phone: 00 385 (0)31 501 418
Working hours: Mon-Sat 9AM-9PM, Sun 9AM-5PM

Deichmann shoe ware is not just affordable, but it is modern and always current. That is what our trend researchers, who are constantly searching for the latest models and colors for the next collection, weather it is man's, women's, children's or sports footwear, are taking care of.

Deichmann is a proof that modern shoes don't need to be expensive. Deichmann sells shoes in 23 countries of the world. In order for the shoe quality to be high, we have implemented numerous controls.

Leather and sole quality are checked for every product, as well as the shape congruence, and whether or not the product contains harmful materials.
Phone: 00 385 (0)31 501 472
Working hours: Mon-Sat 9AM-9PM, Sun 9AM-5PM

Mana has been surprising its customers with its rich offerof fashionably, high-quality, and affordable clothing for theentire family since 2004.Our offer now also includes baby clothes for the youngestfamily members. Natural materials and comfortable cuts areused in baby clothes.

To fully enjoy your free time, we offer various types of sportsapparel made from special technical materials, which areairy, remove humidity, and are windproof.

Numerous housework clothing items and other diverse productsare available for our customers’ homes.
Phone: 00 385 (0)31 501 552
Working hours: Mon-Sat 9AM-9PM, Sun 9AM-8PM

Planet Obuća, the largest Croatian shoe retail center features the widest selection of seasonal footwear, premium leather products and school programs. With its own manufacturing and distribution of footwear, trough its wholesale and retail centers, Planet Obuća successfully operates for the past 20 years. During this period, Planet Obuća has become a must for millions of satisfied customers, not only in Croatia and Bosnia but also in the region.

Today, Planet Obuća in Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina has 113 shops and over 500 employees, with the largest retail center located in Zagreb on Slavonska Avenue 19a sized 2900 m2.

Center called "Planet Obuća" has the widest selection of seasonal footwear and assortment and also operates in several hundred square meters, while the smaller salons under the name "Svijet Obuće" and "Planika" are more specialized.

Building its own distributive-storage center with an area size of 11,500 m2, "Planet Obuća" brought together all of its activities and ensured quality and efficiency of product placement in the wholesale market and its centers in the region.

Besides carefully developed brands for women, children, men and leather assortments, a wide selection of world famous manufactures of footwear can also be found.

Modern, trendy footwear of superior design, affordablle product prices and friendly stuff are the main characteristics of all stores.

Planet Obuća - Tested by step!
Phone: 00 385 (0)31 580 732
Working hours: Mon-Sat 9AM-9PM, Sun 9AM-5PM

Magic Baby children's store is in the ownership of the company Media Commerce d.o.o., that has more then 20 years of experience in production and sales of children's products and is the largest representative of the world famous children's brands.

In the Magic Baby store you will find products of premium brand such as Stokke, Maxi-Cosi, Bebe Confort, Quinny, Britax&Romer, Maclaren, Mutsy, Cam, Neonato, ABC Design, Graco, Joolz, Nania&Ferrari, Tigex, Tiny Love, Hoppop, Baby Art and many more!

Moreover you can also purchase furniture and all other baby products that we manufacture ourselves:

  • · Bertonne product line - baby stroller, car seats, walkers, feeding chairs, swings
  • · Leonardo, Luciano and Leone armoires
  • · Futuro, Flio, Lumini, Bingo and Max cribs
  • · Lucky and Luna changing tables
  • · Futura cot

And others: bed accessories, bed linen for cots (available only in our store), bed linen, travel pillows, breastfeeding pillows, pillows for carrying your baby home from hospital, soft baskets, sleeping bags, bean bags, changing surfaces, Bruno pocket for cribs (unique), sling scarf, baby-bibs, mosquito neat, stroller blankets, children's sofas, etc.
Phone: 00 385 (0)31 506 601
Working hours: Mon-Sat 9AM-9PM, Sun closed


· Free-standing and built-in appliances
· Small household appliances and entertainment electronics
· Heating and cooling

· Kitchens

· Bathrooms
Phone: 00 385 (0)31 205 888
Working hours: Mon-Fri 9AM-9PM, Sat 8AM-3PM, Sun closed

Take a breather after your shopping spree in the wonderful environment of the Cat Caffe.

WiFi · Smoking area · Terrace

Phone: 00 385 (0)31 530 034
Working hours: Mon-Sun 8AM-10PM